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Sea and Land

"It's at the moment of capture you create the headline of your story. But it's when you develop and post-process your image you start to fill in the words"

Görväln - 20190112 - 019-FS vertival Pano CaptureOne - Web.jpg

The Grand

You wake up in the morning eager to catch the morning light. You stay up untill sunset to see the light fade away. You see the landscape in widescreen and you guide the viewer through your whole image.

The day of a landscape photographer consists of chasing good light and amazing compositions. You need to be patient. Because it's a mind game and you need your full attention to get it right. 

The intermediate

You hike out in nature and visit places of beauty. You see the trees, the moss, the rocks and all the peculiarities that nature has to offer. It speaks out to you and seeks your attention. You focus on that specifik part of the landscape and build your canvas around it. Its in that moment you feel that you are a part of the landscape and your let the viewer in to your perception of that special moment.

The intimate

You find your selves intrigued of the smaller details of the landscape that you are exploring. The nuances of the branches on an old oak tree or the stone formations with its golden green moss that thrives in the morning light. You seek the finer details in the scenery infront of you and let the details of the landscape tell its own story. 

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“The city will only shine as bright as you let the viewer perceive it through your photograph”

Lilla Essingen 20180325 [Nikon] - 128 - Web.jpg

The city is full of vibrancy and light

The city never sleeps and there is always something new to explore. Regardless if its a magnificent view over an enlightened city centre on a late summer evening or if its a road crossing with heavy traffic and beautiful light streaks. It is the city's architecture and its life that makes it interesting and it's the photographer who tells the story through its pictures. You have all the possibilities from black and white to amazing colors. The great thing about photography is that all photographers tell their own story with their pictures. We all are unique. If you follow me, I will tell you my story.




"The twigs and branches surrounding you may seem like your enemy at first glance, but when you release your thoughts, you will see the beauty of its creation."

Molnsätra naturreservat - 20190126 - 171-C1-Pano 2 - Web16x9.jpg

Find harmony and beauty in chaos

It's morning and you head out into the woods with your camera to photograph the beauty of the forest surroundings. You are met by a tight layer of trees, branches and stones, which at first glance seems like a impossible chaos. You go deeper into the woods and suddenly you find a tree that lights up through the morning fog. It is the perfect moment where everything falls into place and the woodland shows itselves from the best side, seconds later, the moment has passed.

Woodland photography largely consists of identifying beauty in something that can naturally be perceived as chaotic. You need to be creative and use the natural light found in the forest to create your image. It's far from a simple mission and it's more often that you fail than succeed but when you succeed, the feeling of joy is so much sweeter.