Photographing Pite-Rönnskär


In the northernmost part of Västerbotten County there is an island called Pite-Rönnskär. The island is a popular destination in the summer for the local population and a nice excursion destination if you are vacationing in the area. On the island there is a chapel that was built in 1771 for the fishermen who had houses in the fishing village. In 1821, Pite-Rönnskär became a pilot station, and in 1849 a pilot cabin was built on the island. There are about 30 holiday homes on the island, which were formerly homes for fishermen and their families during the fishing season.

There is also an iron lighthouse on the island. The lighthouse was moved to the island in 1905 from Sandhammaren in Skåne, where it was one of two identical lighthouses on the site. It is with its 37 meters Sweden's highest iron lighthouse and also places itself as Sweden´s third highest lighthouse. On the island, however, there had been a lighthouse since 1880 when a smaller lighthouse was placed next to one of the houses. In 1970, the lighthouse was taken out of service because it was considered that the more modern lighthouse Nygrån was sufficient from a safety point of view. 2005, after some repair work, the lighthouse was once again used by summer residences on the island as an OCCAS lighthouse (occasional), and it is kept lit from spring to autumn. The original fresnel lens is still being used.

You can find more information about Pite-Rönnskär here.

Photographic highlights - Viewpoints

Viewpoint 1 - Rönnskärs chapel

The fisherman´s chapel at Pite-Rönnskär. The image was captured in June 2018 at midday.

On the island's southernmost coast called the “Church Hill” you can find the island's main viewpoint. It is an old wooden chapel built in 1771. The chapel was used by the fishermen who were permanent residents on the island. The chapel's clock was used not only for calling to mass but also as beacon for the fishermen to lead the fishermen back to the island in bad weather. There is a wooden footbridge leading straight to the church which can be used in the composition as a leading line. The most obvious composition of the chapel is a centered image with the fishing church located in the middle.


Viewpoint 2 - Pite-Rönnskär lighthouse

View over the harbor and the lightning house. The image was captured in June 2018 at midday.

The lighthouse at Pite-Rönnskär is Sweden's highest iron lighthouse designed by Nils Gustaf von Heidenstam and was used actively until 1970. Pite-Rönnskär has a strategic location, at the far end of the sea at the southern entrance to Piteå. A location that was suitable for a lighthouse. The lighthouse was moved to Pite-Rönnskär in 1905 from Sandhammaren in Skåne and during the move it was built in one piece. It was 37 m high and is thus Sweden's highest iron fire. The lighthouse is a "Heidenstam lighthouse" and was taken out of commission around 1970 when it was replaced by the lighthouse at Nygrån. At the 100th anniversary of 2005, the lighthouse was once again put to use. It now illuminates from spring until the icing in the autumn - with three glares every fifteen seconds.


How to get there


From Skellefteå you drive north about 53 kilometers via E4 until you reach Kinnbäck. Once you reach Kinnbäck, take right and follow the gravel road to the right about 250 meters. At the intersection you turn slightly left down to the harbor for connection to Boat Taxi. From Luleå you drive south for about 88 kilometers via the E4 until you reach Kinnbäck. When you reach Kinnbäck you turn left and follow the gravel road as above. You will find Pite-Rönnskär in the Bothnian Bay on the border between Västerbotten County and Norrbotten County.

Address: Piteå-Rönnskär, 930 47 Byske

Google plus code: 2HP5+32 Kinnbäck, Jävrebyn

Coordinates: 65.036523, 21.556062

You travel easiest to the island by boat taxi. The boat has room for 12 people and they provide life jackets to everyone, big and small. To guarantee your seat, we recommend that you book well in advance. There are also opportunities to book a Boat taxi in addition to the regular timetable. Contact the operator for inquiry.

Reservations: +46 72 54 330 11


Timetable and price: Boat Taxi

When to photograph

Viewpoint 1: The Chapel - There is an obvious shoot of the chapel and that’s straight on using the wooden walkway as a leading line in to the image. This place is photographed in a south-east direction towards the sea. During the summer months (July-August), the sun will go up from the left of the church, giving a beautiful side light and a chance to a colorful sky. If you want to photograph when the sun rises next to the church then you should be on the island during the month of November. If you want to photograph the chapel under a clear star enchanted sky, it is beneficial to do that during spring, autumn, or winter. Keep in mind that during the winter the days are very short so there are not so many hours of sunlight so you would travel back and forth to the island in the dark.

Viewpoint 2: Pite-Rönnskär lighthouse - The lighthouse can be photographed from most different places so it's just your imagination that puts an end to it. If you photograph it from the harbor, it will be in a easterly direction which should be attractive at sunrise. If you photograph in a westerly direction, sunset is probably preferable.

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