New beginnings


This is a start of a new journey. A new exiting way to showcase my photography and push myselves forward and become a better photographer. I always been fascinated about good images and nice compositions. The big turning point in my photography came when I got an old Nikon D200 by a colleague. I started reading more and more about the theoretical side of photography and bought my first lens, a Sigma 18-200mm, which I used to put theory in practice. There was a lot of "trial and error" and a lot of the pictures I took was definitely not something to hang on the wall but it was great fun to go out and try to apply theory in practice.

My photographic journey has just begun and I'm constantly trying to improve myself. Of course, I will never be fully educated and theres always new stuff to learn and that´s inspiring. What I done now by setting up a website for my photography is a step towards becoming a better photographer and really push myself and put therory into practise. Because it's finding new areas, new compositions and photographing them so I can show you the results that are the driving force forward.

This website as well as the various social media I'm on will develop more and more as time goes by. This is only a beginning and there will be continuous work on developing the page and creating a good entertaining content on the various social media platforms.

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