Location scouting at Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred


I visited Gripsholm in Mariefred to explore the castle area for an upcoming trip where I intend to photograph the castle and the surrounding area. Gripsholm is a very nice area that I can really recommend you to visit. There is a lot of interesting to see and I found a number of interesting compositions. Of course, it is the obvious picture of an enlightened Gripsholm castle that caught my interest but there are also other possible pictures there. Below you can see on a map of the area what different options I'm exploring.

Number 1 is probably the most common where you get an illuminated castle during sunset / blue hour. The light consists of the castle's own enlightenment and not the direct sunshine from the sunset as the sun sets down the other side of the castle.

Number 2 is interesting as it allows a panoramic view over the water to a beautiful building on the other side of the bay. Right now, I do not know the name of the building. I also do not know if there is any external lighting. This would be a sunset image as the sun will go down in that direction. I guess my Sigma 24-105 art will be a good choice for a panorama here.

Number 3 is a similar image as number 2. The difference is that in this picture I will bring one of the buildings on the castle side and the bridge belonging to the building in the picture. Not sure if I use Sigma 18-35 art or Sigma 24-105 art in this picture. However, I guess the 18-35 is preferable.

Number 4 feels very interesting and can be an unusual feature of the normal composition from the docks. Here you get a side view of the castle which gives a different angle, and allows the water and the castle's bridge to be a larger part of the picture. With an appealing sky this can be a nice sunset image.

All of the above are likely to look very good with a longer shutter speed to smooth out the water. I'm likely to try using my 6-stop Formatt-Hitect Firecrest ND filter on numbers 1 and 4 to make the water more smooth.