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I travel to the Swedish highlands

It´s September 2018 and I'm heading up north to spend a few days in the area of Abisko national park and Riksgränsen. On the way up north i’ll stop half way and pick up a friend of mine that will join me on the trip. He grow up near that area we are going and have great knowledge of hiking and the outdoors.

Our plan. To hike up to Rissajaure lake, also known as "trollsjön", and spend the night while photographing the area. From where I live its roughly an 835 miles (1350 km) drive so I'm spending the night at my friend's house roughly halfway there. In true fashion, I have big plans for my trip. Hoping for amazing light and fall color. I have been waiting for this so long and finally, I'm on my way. The easiest way to go there for most people can be to fly either to Kiruna or to the Norwegian city of Narvik just west of the Swedish boarder. But I did grow up in the northern part of Sweden so I have no problem with putting some miles behind the wheel. It's kinda natural for me and somewhat enjoyable.

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From mountains to waterfalls

In August 2018 I traveled to the southern part of Norway in search of waterfalls and beautiful spots in nature. Our trip started in Stockholm, Sweden and our journey went through the highlands of Telemark county and ended the first two days in the small village of Odda in Hordland county. Odda is situated right between Hardangervidda National Park and Folgefonna National Park. It is from Odda that you probably will start your journey if you want to visit the extremely popular rock “Troll tunga”. But we had other plans for this trip and we were looking for the beautiful waterfalls in the area.

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Does gear matter in Landscape photography?

This is a widely debated question that there is no easy and correct yes and no answer to, it always depends. The short answer is YES but its maybe not in the way you think. In this blog post i will go through my reasoning in why the gear you use do matter to some extent in Landscape photography and why its important to use the correct gear for your purpose.

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The story behind the picture "The castle of Gripsholm"

The composition is pretty straightforward. I wanted the castle to be the main subject in the image and I hoped the sunset sky would burst in colour. I framed the castle in a more central position in the image and put the horizon line near the lover third line in order to show more of the sky. In this particular image, I didn't want to blur out the water because it was pretty calm, to begin with, and I liked the reflections from the sky in the water ripples.

In the picture above I have marked where the shooting location was and the left and right endpoints of the panorama. The panorama consists of 7 frames wide each bracketed +1, 0 and -1 stops.

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Exploring the surroundings in "Järvafältet nature reserve"

I have been out exploring the nature of "Norra Järvafältet" in order to see if I could find some nice compositions for further photography. It's cool that you have nature reserves so close to the Stockholm city limits. It's really a city with nature and water. I thought it would be easy to find good compositions but it proved me harder then I thought.

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Location scouting at Gripsholm Castle, Mariefred

I visited Gripsholm in Mariefred to explore the castle area for an upcoming trip where I intend to photograph the castle and the surrounding area. Gripsholm is a very nice area that I can really recommend you to visit. There is a lot of interesting to see and I found a number of interesting compositions.

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